Business Support Programme in Central Asia

The Business Support Programme (BSP) was launched in July 2020 with the support and cooperation of USAID CTJ Project and CILT to provide support and consulting services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Central Asia

Through cooperation between USAID and CILT (the leading professional organisation for supply chain, logistics and transport professionals), a pool of 35 experts (BSP experts) was brought together from a wider variety of professional backgrounds. These included major international/national transport and logistics organizations, local consulting companies, and specialist trade associations with extensive experience in government, customs and tax services

The "Business Support Program" focused on supporting sustainable development through the provision of consulting services, participation in webinars on various relevant topics, provision of individual expert opinions and targeted webinars with company representatives for business development:

Diagnostics of transport and logistics companies;

Define the strengths and weaknesses of the company;

Identification of problems that hinder the development of the company;

Produce a road map and action plan;

Providing expert consulting

Training support;

Recommendations from experts;

Expert consulting implies the services of highly qualified advisors in the field of implementation of a modern production organization model, advanced business methods, marketing and human resource development.

Training support includes individual trainings or seminars.

We strive to ensure that transport and logistics companies in Central Asia develop, are competitive and progressive. For this purpose, we have developed a project that will allow us to effectively diagnose businesses, choose the best solutions in the form of a road map for development, to form a plan, to provide consultations, conduct training sessions and seminars. All this can lead to increased production efficiency, lower cost of services or products, improved quality of services or goods, profitability and, ultimately, to an increase in business competitiveness

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