Next Generation

The future of our industry lies in the hands of the next generation, and it is our duty not only to support today's leaders but also to nurture tomorrow's.

The Next Generation community is a unique platform designed for students and young professionals in the logistics and transportation industry under the age of 35. Next Generation Central Asia is a division of CILT Central Asia, the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Central Asia.

Through the Next Generation Community, we develop our young professionals by integrating them with experienced industry professionals, providing access to informational portals, and encouraging them to seek advice and knowledge using the global CILT network.

Usman Shuaibu - Deputy Chairperson, Next Generation Global

Next Generation

The Next Generation offers mentoring support, helping you achieve your goals.

We will help students find excellent internship and practicum opportunities.

Our short-term "Workshop" programs will enrich you with practical skills and knowledge.

Membership in the community


15 individuals

have undergone individual mentoring

7 streams


100 members

been registered

25 experts

in the pull of Mentors

250+ people

completed the program

15 Universities

from Central Asia, and memorandums of cooperation have been signed with 6 of them.

8 offline events

(Workshops) for young professionals and students, in which a total of about 200 people participated.

100 students

100 students from transport universities who completed their industrial internship.

2 Forums

2 Youth Forums in collaboration with Kazlogistics

Board game "Business on the Move"

"Business on the Move" is an innovative and engaging educational board game designed to inspire young people to learn about business and supply chains. The game aims to educate, inform, and inspire, helping players learn more about the goods and products moving around the world from producers to consumers. It utilizes real-world tasks and problem-solving to assist players in delivering goods from a factory located at one point to a consumer at another point in a timely and cost-effective manner.

During the national launch of the game at the headquarters of the National Union of Teachers in London, Steve Agg, the CEO of CILT, remarked, "It's exciting when you're presented with a challenge. You can learn from your successes and failures, and ultimately reap the rewards. From the outset, we recognized that this game could help young people understand the importance of logistics, transportation, and supply chains in our everyday lives."

Throughout the period, approximately 30 games were conducted with specialists, experts, and students from transportation universities.

Message from the Chairs

Emma Ross, Chair of Next Generation Global

"..I am proud to represent Next Generation in our global CILT community. I look forward to the opportunity to bring together the next generation of leaders and those contributing to the development of our industry worldwide to develop best-in-class offerings for our members..."
Usman Shuaibu, Deputy Chair of "Next Generation Global"

"I am very pleased to have been elected as the Deputy Chair of the global network Next Generation, and I will work towards creating an inclusive forum for idea development, as well as representing the interests and aspirations of our Next Generation within the global CILT network."
Araiylym Maratqyzy, Regional Chair "Next Generation Central Asia & Middle East"

"...The world of logistics and transportation is constantly evolving, so young professionals, in particular, need support on a global level. My goal in the Middle East and Central Asia regions is to create a unified platform for professional development and to connect talented youth with an active mindset by providing access to our global community of CILT professionals."

Arailym Maratkyzy

Chairperson of the Next Generation Central Asia

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