Women in Logistics and Transport

Women in logistics and transport


We contribute to the elevation of women's status in the logistics and transportation sector and unite those who support the talent and career advancement of women.

WiLAT has 40 chapters worldwide and boasts over 3300 members

WiLAT operates under 4 key strategic directions - leadership, mentorship, expanding opportunities, and entrepreneurship.

The Association "Women in Logistics and Transport" (WiLAT) was established in June 2013 with a mission to support and strengthen the presence of women in the field of logistics and transport. Its main goal is to inspire women to actively participate in this industry and to provide mentoring and support for their successful professional development.

By 2018, the number of WiLAT members had exceeded two thousand, bringing them together from 20 countries worldwide, and to this day, we continue to expand our horizons. The initiative to create such a community first came to Nigeria, where the first women's group was formed in 2010, and then, in June 2013, we successfully launched WiLAT globally in Colombo.




To ensure the highest prominence in promoting professionalism and expanding the rights and opportunities of women in the field of supply chain, logistics, and transportation.


To elevate the status of women in the field of logistics and transportation, unite those who support the talent and career growth of women, and provide opportunities for supporting and mentoring women in this industry.

About WILAT Central Asia

WiLAT is formed within the framework of territorial organizations and branches of CILT. In October 2020, preparatory work began to launch and open a WiLAT office in Central Asia, and already on March 16, 2021, WiLAT officially opened its representation. Since the establishment of WiLAT Central Asia, it has not stopped actively developing and expanding its boundaries, opening offices in Turkmenistan in 2021, and in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan in 2022. Uzbekistan became the 35th milestone country where a WiLAT office was established. Thus, within two years, WiLAT managed to cover all countries of Central Asia. In 2022, WiLAT Central Asia was recognized as "the fastest growing region", the fastest developing region.

Aiym Nauzrbayeva

Operational Manager of CILT Central Asia

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