Modular learning

We now offer a more flexible way of building up your learning and qualifications. The Entry Award, Introductory Certificate, Certificate and Diploma qualification are all built up of separate units. These are available as stand-alone units and can be studied as short courses.

CILT International Introductory Certificate in Logistics and Transport Structure (Level 2)

Unit Reference Title
INTRO - M1 Introduction to Logistics
INTRO - M2 Introduction to Customer Service and Marketing
INTRO - O1 Introduction to Freight Transport Services
INTRO - O2 Introduction to Passenger Transport Services
INTRO - O3 Introduction to Warehousing and Inventory
INTRO - O4 Introduction to Purchasing
INTRO - O5 Introduction to Planning and Operation of Freight Transport
INTRO - O6 Introduction to Planning and Operating Passenger Transport

CILT International Certificate in Logistics and Transport Structure (Level 3)

Unit Reference Title
CERT - M1 Business Theory
CERT - M2 Business Application
CERT - O1 Warehousing
CERT - O2 Inventory
CERT - O3 Passenger Transport Operations
CERT - O4 Procurement
CERT - O5 Freight Transport Operations
CERT - O7 Supply Chain Operations
CERT - O8 Transport Planning
CERT - O9 Green Logistics
CERT - O10 Global Logistics
CERT - O11 Port Operations

CILT International Diploma in Logistics and Transport Structure (Level 5)

Unit Reference Title
DIP - O1 Management in Logistics and Transport
DIP - O2 Supply Chain Management
DIP - O3 Transport Operations
DIP - O4 Transport Planning
DIP - O5 Inventory
DIP - O6 Movement of Goods
DIP - O7 Movement of People
DIP - O8 Production Planning
DIP - O9 Retail Logistics
DIP - O10 Sourcing and Procurement
DIP - O11 Transport Planning Techniques
DIP - O12 Transport and Society
DIP - O13 Warehousing
DIP - O14 International Business
DIP - O15 Project Management
DIP - O16 Supply Chain Flow Planning
DIP - O17 Supply Chain Network Planning