Collaborating with like-minded organizations

We work with professionals in many sectors and have forged partnerships with organisations who share our vision and values. You can find out more about our partners here

USAID Competitiveness, Trade and Jobs activity in Central Asia (CTJ) facilitates trade and employment in horticulture, tourism, transport and logistics across the five Central Asian economies. By incentivizing firms to become more regionally competitive and by addressing cross-border impediments to trade, USAID helps to develop a more diverse and competitive private sector and generate export-driven growth.

USAID established a partnership of 100 private sector transport and logistics operators at the 2015 Central Asia Trade Forum to improve the quality of transport and logistics services throughout the region. USAID is working with the partnership under the Transport Corridor Development project to deliver sustainable logistics training to the sector’s workforce, particularly on the operation of multimodal logistics centers.

The Central Asia Transport & Logistics Partnership has increased from 15 members representing transport and logistics private sector in 2015 to 103 public and private sector members across the region in 2018. The partnership facilitated business deals worth over $40 million from early 2017 up-to-date, and advocated reform through the local governments.